Finding balance through acupuncture

I had terrible neck and back pain. I felt anxiety all over my chest, making it difficult to breath sometimes.

Someday my mom said “Your school friend’s sister became an acupuncturist, we should schedule an appointment with her”. The sister is now a dear friend of us, called Jessica, and she was responsible for improving energy balance in both of us.

We are giving and receiving energy all the time. The same happens with our bodies, with our cells, and it can be that the energy is not spread equally. Let’s say that acupuncture can help you get this energy where it belongs.

“Trust the vibes you get, energy doesn’t lie”

After almost one year of acupuncture, the pain, anxiety and stress are lower. It’s a process, not all benefits can be seen in one session. But I feel relaxed and renewed every single time.

The effect of the needle entering your body can be different — for those who fear needles, I’m the same, but I ensure you this is good. Sometimes you can feel an electric shock, heat or/and deep relaxation. It depends on the person and your sensibility that day.

I never thought that threading needles all over my body would be such a life-saver. Together with meditation and yoga, these are my ways to remind me of living meaningfully and respect my body.

For more details on acupuncture, follow @bescrovaineacupuntura to appreciate my friend’s work and to try it out!

Originally written on March 22, 2019

Aspirante a escritora, engenheira de bioprocessos e analista de conteúdo, podcaster no Criadoras de Si, praticante de yoga e dona da bicicleta Antonia.